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Da Vinci Code Exclusive Wide Screen Bonus Pack!

Spoiler Alert : This review tells a little of the plot. If you don’t want to know what happens in the first reel, read something else.

I’ve been hearing for years about this awful book and the movie they were going to make of it. I heard how it would ruin the faith of millions. I heard from TV and radio preachers how dangerous it was. It could bring about the end of Christianity! So, of course, I had to read the book. And, because the book was so good, I wanted to see the movie.

Dan Brown was quite skillful at spinning his story. He used real locations of historical religious interest and then added little hints in them that were from his own imagination. Hwe created believable characters for people to care about. He did it so well, that people believed he was telling the truth. The film was shot at many of those actual loations, which is what adds such depth and realism. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of discovering the next clue without getting arrested, shot at or killed. It is very much like an interactive video game, but cheaper.

Now the thing everyone was spazzing out about was the idea that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdaline and had a daughter with her. This began a whole series of events to ensure the continuannce of the Holy bloodline and groups willing to kill in order to keep the secret. So, like in National Treasure, a HUGE conspiracy exists down through the ages. Well, okay, I like a good conspiracy film.

It should be pointed out that in the book the whole topic of Jesus being married only took up a couple of pages – in a book with hundreds of pages, labled as FICTION. In the movie it gets slightly more time, but not much. The book and movie are effective because they are written and staged so well. I watched it with people who came to believe that Jesus was indeed married, and had living descendants and that people were killing to cover it up. So, the story telling is THAT effective, just like it should be in any compelling fiction.

Let’s remember this : it IS fiction. The book is fiction and the movie is based on that fiction. So there’s no need to get up in arms about it. Let’s not push the panic button just yet.

Despite the fact that this is supposed to be the greatest secret of all time that people were willing to kill and die for it, Leonardo DaVinci seemed to encode clues about it in his writings, paintings and diagrams. This is exactly like National Treasures. The clues are there for the public to find, which makes one wonder why secret-keepers would leave so much evidence behind to expose the secret. Of course if they didn’t, we wouldn’t have such films.

Ron Howard does a superb job directing this film. This is precisely why it is so good. I was not overjoyed with Tom Hank’s acting job. It wasn’t terrible, but I wasn’t convinced he was experiencing the things in the script, nor having the emotions one would in those situations. It was flat. He was probably tired from all the travelling and sick from all the exotic foods on location. He showed up on the set but didn’t do much. It cost the film at least one of the stars in this review.

This film opens with a bloody murder. It then finds a conspirator under every bush, willing to kill to keep the secret. It takes you into dark corners to encounter evil people, along with well-meaning fanatics willing to do anything to protect the FAITH. In my opinion, it didn’t have any positive portrayal of any Bible-believing Christian. But then again, Hollywood is rarely good to Christians.

Now I AM a solid Bible-believer. I say that so that no one thinks I like this film because I hate God or anything like that. Maybe it’s the rebel in me, or the inner guy that does not want to be told what to watch and not watch, but I see almost EVERY film the Christian preachers warn me against. “The Last Temptation of Christ,” for instance, is one of the best films ever made. Like “The Da Vinci Code,” it is well written FICTION.

Let’s not get ourselves into a holier-than-thou uproar about a novel being made into a film. For one thing, more people see films when they hear they should stay away. I never would have heard of it had not the preachers screamed against it. I have my own mind.

I know the plot of The DaVinci Code is fiction. I know Jesus did not have a child. I also know that Jesus was not on the cross fantasizing about what His life would have been like had He chosen not to die for our sins. Yet, in each case, I found something to like in loving, fictional accounts that that a few pokes at our sacred cows. Hey, I even saw “Dogma.” Does that make me a bad person?

Back on this DaVinci Code thingy. It was enjoyable, and since purchasing it, I have seen it a few times and found something new in each viewing. Dan Brown spun a Christian icon, the Holy Grail and wrote a book that became an enjoyable movie. If the acting was better and if it included any ethical Christians, I would have given it more stars.

So, watch it or don’t watch it. Rent it or don’t. Buy it or don’t. There is no need to picket the video stores that sell it or boycott anyone. Chill out. Peace my brothers and sisters. Get it out of your head that this simple movie is some sort of evil plot against Christianity, God, the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. Lighten up. Enjoy it or ignore it.

If this film is a threat to your faith, then your faith is weak indeed. Perhaps you could practice faith in your own life rather than condemning people that write harmless fiction and talented people who make such books into movies.

Holy relics are not needed in true faith, and actually draw people away by getting them into exhalting man-made things. Read my book on Idoltry if it ever comes out. If people weren’t thinking of a Holy Grail and trying to find it, believing it is magic or holy because Christ touched it, or that it would prove Bible to be true, these conpiracies would not exist. It is our failure to worship God and Him alone that takes us down these strange paths of spiritual detours, looking for objects to place on our altars. Or, perhaps the object of faith is a human being. Some people lived fairly faithful lives, but after their death the admiration for them grew into something more. Some so-called Christians try to contact the dead or even pray to them. If your Holy Grail is a human or a relic; toss it out. The true threat to Christian faith is the Christian who does not follow the Bible.

Now that this review has become a sermon, they probably won’t post it on the website, in which case all this writing was a supreme waste of time. But The DaVinci Code was interesting and the debates and books about it were a nice little diversion for a season.

I liked the film or I wouldn’t have purchased it. I don’t seek to own DVDs I don’t like. So, the fact that I bought speaks more than this whole long,lousy review.


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